Yoga for the Older generation


At a time in your life when you are beginning to feel the wear and tear of daily life, Yoga can be very beneficial in helping to repair re-tune and re-evaluate what your body needs.

Helping to be Cod liver oil for the body as well as the soul Yoga helps to keep the joints mobile the muscles less stiff and the mind alert.

It gives you tools to be able to accommodate physical issues that may crop up that need further help. Knee, hip shoulder injuries can all help keep their mobility through the regular application of yoga.

Props like chairs, blocks, straps, walls, can be used to help get into a posture and still enjoy its benefits but with ease.

A great community group to keep in touch with the local news, yoga sessions can be quite fun.
Our Whitchurch day class get together for yearly social events.

Yoga is not just about postures, but the union of good people in the joining of the quest to enjoy life.