Yoga With Teenagers


A simple solution to beating exam stress, peer pressure, social anxiety and fear of being ridiculed, often faced by today’s teenager, lies in yoga and breathing techniques. These exercises if performed before and after study hours have tremendous benefits.


Fear of failure can be overcome.

There is no competition in Yoga and it is an excellent way of getting away from the rat race.

Mind, body and soul integration can help expand consciousness.

A good flowing selection of asanas can help create youthful energy and enhance the endocrine function to stimulate proper structural, physiological, psychological, emotional and spiritual growth.

Extreme emotional behaviour  can be regulated.  The mind can be calmed.


Laziness and lethargy, a common complaint can be replaced by energy and an increased concentration span.


Poses that help influence and boost the teenager’s  confidence.This is a  crucial phase in life, adolescence is the golden stage which if nurtured well will lead to a healthy, developed individual.   One who can tackle the stresses of every day life with a more sound and calm mind.