Yoga for Pregnancy

Just at a time when your body changes dramatically that you feel you do not have any control over it.  You have gianed a pregnant brain of lost keys and missed appointments, frazzled is your second name. And the tiredness stops you in your tracks.  Then yoga is your balm to soothe and calm that frazzle and help you enjoy your pregnancy more.  It helps cut down on the swollen limbs that can increase over time and the help with getting used to a larger changing body, with backache and heartburn.  It helps you commune with your growing companion and lets you get down to just being with them in a calm relaxed way.  Yoga can be done by first timers who just want some yoga at this time as well as people who have an exisiting practice.  It can all be modified to change and adapt as you change an adapt to what is going on inisde you.