Yoga anytime any place and anyone



Yoga in Different Places

I Think one of my funniest places for a yoga session was on the platform of Basingstoke Train station. I think second runner up is the ferry terminal in Le Harve France. Whenever you have time on your hands to think….. Do some yoga, it helps!

Yoga does not have to be confined to the mat and can be done in various places with different props, like a chair for instance.





Yoga can even be done in sun or snow.  It might be cold but it is what’s coming from within that is able to help you on the outside.  Nature is our friend not our enemy.  Embrace this and enjoy the raindrops on your nose.



Back in 1998 I was eager to learn.  I would consider these few years at the start of my yoga life as my Geri Halliwell Days.  Full of passion and energy.  I recommend finding time to find yourself whatever life throws at you.  A practice outside of the studio is very beneficial.