Just leave your ego at the door and come in and enjoy.

Bringing little yogic bubbles of bliss to places around: 

Sutton Scotney, Barton Stacey, Longparish, Whitchurch,  Overton, Basingstoke, 

South Wonston and Andover and Winchester and also 

Stratford Upon Avon areas.

Tel: 07884384399



What Style of Yoga

My yoga is a mix of vinyasa and healing hatha styles with the emphasis on movement with breath as meditation in motion. Focus on using the breath as we move into, through, and out of postures as our plumb-line. Something to keep us sturdy and grounded when everything else around us is in flux and motion. Classes are usually for an hour as I have found that quality not quantity is a key factor in timeout for people. As well as the ability to fit it in into our hectic schedules.

There is the warm up relating postures, then the main area where there is usually a theme that week, sometimes backbends, sometimes hips, ankles, twists, or and including warmer fast paced areas, or cooling down soothing areas, depending on the mood of the theme. Then ending with calmer postures to quieten and calm the body and mind down for a blissful relax at the end. I try to mention the Sanskrit name of the asanas to help with understanding, as this helps gives an extra edge to the postures.

Is it for everyone

We do use straps and blocks sometimes to help in various postures.  But I also emphasise the use of everyday props to help in yoga, books, chairs, clothing as mats for knees.  This helps to point out that yoga does not have to stay grounded on the mat and can be in any form in any place in daily life.  I try and keep a light hearted approach to the classes with funny comments and analogies relating to something in the class at the time.  Even as a flexible in body person there is always places to go and mentally stretch in and I try to put this thought across to people so that everyone feels the same, weather they can touch their toes or not.  If someone has trouble then I give them some extra instruction to be able to be more open and comfy in the posture at hand.  This also goes the other way if the person would like to go deeper, there is always a handy suggestion for making it a more intense and rewarding posture for them.
 Everyone from all walks of life and ages can benefit from yoga.  Common digestive issues can be helped with yoga.  It helps to detox the system, and rejuvenate  you when you feel most run down.  It helps you learn how to heal yourself with your own body and mind.  Within all of us we have the power to relax and heal.  Yoga gives us these tools so that we can use them in times of need, hopefully within daily life and not just on the mat.

Heal thyself

Love thyself

To love one another 

Classes Times:


Mondays 7pm: Victoria Village Hall,Oxford Rd, Sutton Scotney, Hants,SO21 3JG

Tuesdays 10am: Parish Hall, London Rd(Near Clacys Garage), Whitchurch, Hampshire RG28 7LQ

Tuesdays 7:30pm Testbourne School,Micheldever Rd, Whitchurch, Hampshire RG28 7JF (In the Drama Room, old building.

Private One to One sessions with as individual. Times to suit.



Classes are 1 hour long.

Adult: 5 weeks £30 or £7 drop in 

Child/Student 5 Weeks £25 or £5 drop in 

Private sessions £35

Bespoke Larger groups up to 5 contact for details



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